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General information

Laboratory for Control Engineering and Power Electronics (LRTME) is one of the laboratories in the Department of Mechatronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We are engaged in the scientific fields:

  • Power electronic converters for power electromotor drives,
  • process current and voltage sources for the highly automated measurement procedures and for the management of advanced electrochemical processes,
  • active power filters to reduce harmonic distortion of voltage distribution network due to the widespread use of nonlinear loads,
  • introduction of new and improved steering-control algorithms for the management of the various types of electric motors using advanced microcontroller systems.

Addressed areas are among the priority national tasks, as their common denominator is efficient conversion of electrical energy by using modern power electronic converters and control mechanisms. Equally important are current research in the field of power converters for hybrid vehicle drives and converters for the connection of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid.


Numerous studies have been implemented with the support of the ministries and partners from industry resulting in various prototype devices, most of them have been incorporated into production processes.

We are proud to say that a number of devices incorporate technical solutions of our graduate, master and doctor students, who at the time of study learn individual skills, that are rounded off in a whole by the end of the study. Members of the laboratory support the view that students must meet during their studies with real technical challenges, both theoretical and practical ones.



"Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself".
Paulo Coelho


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