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The vision and objectives of research

The Laboratory of Control Engineering and Power Electronics is focused on devices, systems and control concepts, whose main task is to control or transform the flow of electricity. The complexity of these devices ranges from the simplest, where the semiconductor switches turn on DC or AC load all the way to the most advanced devices to drive DC and AC motors and to the power converters for supplying the complex electronic circuits, devices and to provide complex industrial processes with the preffered power flow. Power range of these devices is because of that very wide from a few watts and up to several 100 kW..

The research aims are subject to two current global guidelines:

  • concerns for more efficient use of electrical energy,
  • integrated approach to solving electromechanical systems (Mechatronics).

In accordance with the increase in power electronics devices in a decentralized generation of electricity from fuel cells, wind turbines and solar cells ...

Dealing with these challenges take place in three specific sub-areas:

  • Power Electronics
  • Microprocessor control algorithms
  • Programmable controllers
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